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Meet Kira & Cheryl

Kira Likhterova

Photography is many things to many people. It can be an occasional hobby, a temporary interest or a profession.

But for people like Kira, it is a lifelong passion and obsession. Since coming from her native Russia, she has refined her passion and skills by working with dozens of happy clients. And in doing so, she has gained the attention and acclaim for her work that shows that her photographs are of the highest calibre.

Working with Creative Photography Classes has given Kira the ability to show many more people how they can benefit from her experience and ability. As the lead contributor to the online photography classes that are available on the website, Kira provides the techniques, skills and tips that can elevate your skills to the professional level, and make your photographs extraordinary.

Her particular sources of inspiration are brides, horses and the play of light in her photographs that she calls “magic light”.

To truly appreciate Kira’s expertise, just try any of our exclusive online tutorials and courses and you will see for yourself how her passion, warmth and skill all combine to produce stunning photographs. You too can learn to shoot pictures like Kira by learning from this true expert of the craft of photography.

Awards and Recognition
AIPP NSW Creative Photographer of the Year 2011
AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 Runner-up
SWPP International Glamour and Beauty Photographer of the Year 2010
2010 AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year Runner-up
AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year 2009
SWPP International Wedding Traditional Photographer of the Year 2008
SWPP International Bridal Portraiture Photographer of the Year 2008

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Cheryl Eagers

Some people are lucky enough to find their passion very early in life. Others come to it later, and through a process of slow discovery. But once they do, they are the most ardent students of their chosen passion, and are relentless in their desire to learn, improve and grow.

This is certainly true of Cheryl. After discovering her interest in photography in 2003, Cheryl immersed herself in the field. She pursued an admirably broad approach, learning in workshops and lessons provided by luminaries of the field including Ken Duncan, Peter Coulson, Steve Rutherford, Peter Eastway and David Oliver.

When she realised her true passion lay in art photography, Cheryl embarked on a Masters of Contemporary Art. Her passion for taking unique portraits of people, especially women, was well served by this study, which eventually led her to meeting Kira.

Their relationship has grown from a simple Facebook friendship, to one of photographer and subject and now, as joint educators to as many photographers as they can reach through their innovative and self-paced online photography courses.

With a particular interest in Photoshop and post-production techniques, Cheryl can help you learn how to take your photographs and turn them into your own works of contemporary art.

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