Black and white photoshop actions

shades of grey. black and white photoshop actions.

black and white photoshop actions

Antique photoshop action

Black and White Photography and how to use actions in Photoshop.

It is timeless, it can be nostalgic, it is story-telling. Vintage black and white, Old Hollywood Glamour, classical simple images – those are the types of images I was always drawn to, wanted to recreate the feel and mood of. And that is how our “Black and White Treatments” actions were created.

Composition in B&W Photography is even more important as you don’t have colours to lead a viewer’s eye. Shadows and highlights are a huge part of it as well.

Black and white images are immediately considered to be more “artistic” and will make you stand out in the flooded photographers market place. B&W images aren’t as distracting as colour ones, that takes your attention away from the form, composition, use of light, texture and different tonal values. And often, the message.

That is why, amongst photographers; it is considered to be more of a pure form of photography.

Not all images will look good in black and white. You need to learn to see the potential in the image. In time you will learn to see what sort of black and white suits this or that image. You will learn to pre-visualise the result and pick the conversion straight away. The benefit of photoshop actions that are already created for you is you can try and run them one by one, checking the effect and picking the one that appeals to you the most.

TIP – shoot in RAW if possible, and in colour as that will give you many more options to pick the best black and white conversion.

Then do basic cleaning of the image if you need to; prepare the skin, delete distractions, make sure you are happy with the highlights and shadows by making all the adjustments you need. Are you happy with where the focus of the image is ( where the viewer will be looking)? Then start trying your black and white actions.

In our beautiful set of actions you get:

photoshop action after black and white classic

“Classic” action that is great for images created with good contrast and good tonal range. I often use this action for images shot in window light.


photoshop action after look 10 years younger

“Look 10 years younger” action – great to make people look younger, for skin to look cleaner and lighter.

photoshop action after black and white drama

“Drama” action – the name speaks for itself 


photoshop action after black and white dreamy

“Dreamy” action – a beautiful action that is great for images created in back-light, images where there is sparkle.


photoshop action after black and white antique

“Antique” action – my favourite action in the pack that makes your images look unique and WOW your clients.



photoshop action after vogue and vintage warm

“Vogue” action with a modern, crisp feel.



photoshop action after hand painted and warm vintage

And “Hand-painted” action which creates an amazing, vintage effect of an old photo that was coloured by hand.


Watch our Free Tutorial on how to use these actions. Practise, experiment and what is most important – enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Get your copy here now and start creating amazing, unique images to WOW your clients!

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