FairyTale Video Tutorial

FairyTale Video and Photoshop Tutorial

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Photoshop Tutorial Video Shooting Magic Fairytale


One of our most popular video tutorials that takes you from concept, idea and styling through posing, directing and lighting to the final touches in Photoshop for your creative photography.

Giving you a formula, a step by step guide to a magical, artistic, fairy-tale image that will guarantee to wow your clients. 3 hours of amazing information.

You will see how in the simple set-up of your studio or home, with just natural, window light and a few, possibly even home-made, reflectors you too can achieve the same result.


Taking your image from here

before image fairy tale photoshop tutorial

Before image for Fairy-tale Photoshop Tutorial












To here:photoshop action after hand painted and warm vintage

After Hand Painted and Warm Vintage Photoshop action


We will give you all the tools you need to create an image like that, including what actions, overlays and textures were used.

The video will be in a few parts. Introduction, posing techniques, make-up, styling, set-up, lighting, shooting and finally Photoshop.


Watch our free trailer below to see what you are going to learn in this video.

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