During Photography Shoot

Treat your client – curvy or skinny - as any woman. Making a fuss over their figure and “trying too hard” can be insulting. “Lets discuss plus size boudoir poses we are going to do” can be insulting. In fact, avoid the term ‘plus size” altogether when talking to your client. If you want to discuss the poses - just discuss “boudoir photography poses” and then some posing techniques to emphasize the best features and hide the features they don’t like. It is that simple.

The best way to treat your client, any client, as a beautiful woman is to believe yourself that we are all beautiful – no matter what size, age or shape we are. Your belief will project onto your client.

Your disbelief, your doubts will also project; but in a negative way.

plus size boudoir poses and posing tipsIf you are confident in your abilities – show them an image in your camera at the beginning or early in the shoot.

That will boost their confidence in themselves and you and help with insecure feelings.

Close-ups or skilfully cropped images could be the best choice in this case and you are not risking them getting fixated on body issues.

On the other hand - if you are not sure that you like what you see in the camera – for goodness sake – don’t show them as that will only feed into their insecurities, their confidence in you and will bring their mood down!


posing techniques for boudoir photography plus size boudoir poses photoI mentioned cropping before, but in case you have missed it- let me repeat it again and again and again!

Learn to crop smartly and creatively and you will start earning money!





Be encouraging all the time, complement them all the time. On their looks, eyes, skin, hair; on their effort. Find something to be excited about and give them a compliment. Be excited! Be genuine! Be positive!

Talk to them all the time – don’t shoot in silence. Silence produces doubt in their minds. You don’t want them to think they are not doing alright.

Often describing the pose will not help. One of the best posing techniques is to Show them. Offer them to mirror you

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