Loving Curves

Loving Curves

There is nothing more rewarding that to make somebody, who doesn’t believe that they are beautiful, believe.

Who gave up on feeling sexy, feeling desirable and even more importantly – feeling confident.

And that, sadly, happens to curvy women more than others. They keep comparing themselves to what they see in media and feeling less and less adequate.

But when you do your job right – oh boy, oh boy! … They disbelieve first; then the question: “Maybe?” then the tears and the happy beautiful smile and yes, yes – I do get hugs, a lot of those – will be your reward.

Here is a letter I received from one of my clients that I photographed. A curvy, beautiful woman. Practise, give Love, be patient and understanding  and one day your reward will be a letter like this one. After you read this letter please check Tips on Posing Curves  that I have written for you.

My dearest Kira,

First an apology. I promised to write to you so very long ago after my photo shoot and didn’t. Please forgive me, it certainly was not of laziness but procrastination. Almost as bad right? 😉 I couldn’t decide whether to tell you the whole truth or just to write a glowing thank you letter (which is coming further along I swear!)

When I came to you, I said that I wanted to create something special for my husband. That’s what I told myself you see, and so it was very
easy to tell you the same. I had looked at your website for weeks and knew that could be achieved with a portrait session. But I wanted so much more!

As much as it was true that I wanted a special gift for my husband, I only really wanted a single print for him. For myself I wanted the whole ‘Discover Sensual You’ experience. And to believe in myself again.

You see my sweet Kira, I had been diagnosed with anxiety and an eating  disorder to boot. With the toll that was taking on my work, my
relationships and certainly on my marriage, I felt…ah, I’m not even sure what I felt. I just remember looking in the mirror and having no idea who that woman was, I’d completely lost a connection to my own identity and couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt confident…let alone beautiful. Then I read all the letters and reviews the women had left before me, explaining the empowering effect you and your team had, even before they’d seen the photos!!! I had to have that!

I started saving up and made an enquiry. After meeting you and David I knew I’d be safe 🙂

I didn’t tell you but I arrived about 40 minutes early to the shoot and sat in my car and cried, with the most awful panic attack and couldn’t even get out of the car to come in! At that stage only the guilt of knowing you and your team had organised the whole morning for me made me come in! 😉

Those wonderful women on your website were right. From the moment I stepped through your door that day I felt so special and so worthwhile…something I realised I’d been missing for a while!
Compliments on my clothes, my accent (which I’m still sure I don’t have! 😉 my smile, my skin and MY BODY!!!
What?!? My goodness!! All unprompted and completely sincere. It sounds so cliché but what a soothing balm for my soul. And all before a single photo was taken!

The day came for the reveal and I brought my husband…I knew we wouldn’t be able to afford many prints so wanted him to see the pictures with me 😉 and hold my hand…even after that wonderful morning, I was still terrified of what I might see.

 I cried the whole way through. You had captured, in every single photo, the woman I remembered. The me I had lost, you brought her out to smile and shine for you :’) and I cannot thank you enough.

I let my husband pick the print he liked most (after all it was supposed to be his gift!) hehe. I don’t know how often he looks at it and I don’t care.
I stare at it. It’s me. I can see me in there! You are the most wonderful, amazing woman Kira with an absolute gift to touch lives and heal hearts.
Just like mine 🙂 Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

 I am slowly getting better and I know you and your team have helped along the way!

I know you sometimes post your thank you letters with your work and if you think any part of this would be helpful for others please do so! I would like to remain anonymous though please, and not have it linked with my pictures, for privacy reasons 🙂

This letter has been far too long, and far too long in coming! It’s late and I’ve no idea if any of the above makes sense or explains even a portion of what I meant to say, but I’ll sign off for now.

God bless you and your precious family,

 With love,


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