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Meet Cheryl

Meet me. Cheryl.

cheryl from creative photography

Cheryl Eagers from Creative Photography Classes become seriously interested in photographs in 2003, and following this spark I began my journey into the world of creative photography.

With an dream of always exploring and delving into Creative Photography, here is my story.

Exploring a few different genres in the field including Landscape, Macro and Art Photography, I embarked on several workshops and courses from Ken Duncan, Peter Coulson, Steve Rutherford, Peter Eastway, and David Oliver – just to name a few.

Enjoying the photography bug with my husband, David Phillips, we started the business of Cherish Artz, where David sells his Landscape Photography and I sell my Digital Wall Art.

My serious interest and desire to increase my understanding of photography, especially the art side, led me to embark on achieving my Masters of Contemporary Art. Completing this in 2011, I found my heart being taken away from my projects on flowers to an emotional connection with people photography, especially that of women.

During a visit to the AIPP Annual Awards in 2009 I discovered the amazing works of Kira Likhterova. In awe of the artistry in Kira’s images, I soon became a Facebook friend (and stalker) of Kira.

Having introduced Kira’s work to many a photography friend, my close friend, Tracey, one day said to me “I wonder if Kira does workshops?”.

That lead Tracey to booking us in with Kira. A two day workshop followed up with Kira taken our photographs. Excited yes! Nervous? Of course! Soon 2012 was here and so was our workshop with Kira. Being welcome by Kira and David into their beautiful home was only part of the magical experience. With a tone of information, techniques and opening of our minds to new ways of thinking, and having experienced the other side of the camera, we loved every moment.

For me personally, it was more than worth the dollar investment, it ignited more of desire to photograph woman, if nothing more so I could share that amazing feeling of when Kira photographed me. To feel that way about yourself, no matter what size or shape you are is very powerful. Here are some of my favourite images from my boudoir and glamour photography session with Kira.

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And so my photographing women practice began, firstly with my beautiful niece Brooke, then with many others. Early in 2013 I decided to ‘get professional’ and specialise in glamour and boudoir photography. With a branch off business of Cherish Artz, I commenced Cherish You Portraits.

Based in Mackay, Queensland, the business has steadily grown over the past 36 months, along with my confidence, techniques and my reputation “as the to go-to photographer for women”. Studying with Kira another two times during this period I have witnessed how my photography continues to improve and be loved by my clients.

And yes, its true, they do purchase more as they see the value in my work, but mostly it is because I believe that I have taken the time to study the correct poses, to style their looks and to make them feel gorgeous on the day.

Their overwhelming reactions and gratitude blows my mind when they see their images for the first time, to me that is what photographing women is all about. Making them feel beautiful, confident and to appreciate their hidden beauty, the beauty that is lost to everyday demands, this is something that Kira made me feel and I endeavour to ensure my clients feel the same way.

There is no better feeling then when you come across a client many months later and she still is on a buzz from her photographs. That speaks volumes in the value that we can all give our clients.

I felt that Kira’s amazing talent should be shared with the world, and thus Shooting Magic with Creative Photography Classes was established. A journey that I hope brings you much fulfillment and satisfaction in your creative photography as you learn alongside us.

One last word, I love playing in photoshop!

Cheryl Eagers, MCA

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