How to Photoshop Webinar III. Raw to Final image Photoshop Tutorial.

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Introducing Webinar III Recording On-Demand. Annual Membership Subscribers Access only.


Have you ever wondered how magical, fantasy photographs were created? Photographs that when you see them - you just can't help, nut say WOW.

Have you always thought it is too hard, it will take you years to learn a lot or it is simply beyond your abilities?

Not any more. Now you too can create Magic straight after watching this webinar Photoshop tutorial on demand.

Watch Kira processing this image LIVE.

From RAW to the final result.  Photo editing tips and Photoshop techniques on how to create magical, creative images revealed!

Learn amazing Photoshop effects with just a few clicks!

Instantly stand out from the crowd  by creating Unique images straight after watching this webinar .

Save lots of time and money.

Learn in just over one hour what the best photographers in the world were learning for years!

These webinars and their recording are now available to you when you get your Annual Membership Subscription and join our family!

Additionally, not only Annual Members have the exclusive benefit of attending regular future webinars; they can also access recordings at any time.

Learn and practice when you want it  and at your own pace.

See what people are saying after attending one of our How to Photoshop Webinars.

Paul Cripps
March 21 at 12:26pm
Would like to say thankyou for such an amazing webinar tonight, you are truelly a magician, i learnt so much and alot of problems i've had with photoshop lately were solved by watching what you did. I'll be becoming an annual subscriber as soon as next pay day arrives smile emoticon Thanks again Kira.

Amazing, exceptional, fantastic webinar tutorial!
My son and I watched with great enthusiasm. I highly recommend your webinar series to everyone with a camera!
Thank you for a wonderful session.
Chris Tographer

That was so educational and amazing! I learnt so much! Getting ready to purchase your yearly membership. 🙂 Awesome instructions and you really explained everything so wonderfully that i could follow along and pick up new tips.
Rhonda Gilmore Pridgeon

I can't wait to experiment after watching your webinar! Thank you! As I watched, I I would love to take that super long flight from Vancouver to come and just watch you work!!!! Irene Tatiana Morden

Fantastic to watch. Easy to follow.
Jennine Rutherford

I  loved the webinar tonight. As soon as it was over i started playing with an image from a fantasy shoot I attended earlier this year. Because of this webinar I finally figured out the proper way to use layers and masks and had so much fun playing with this photo. i will post the image in the comments. Thank s again Kira and Cheryl. you guys ROCK!
Kat Griffin

I just watch this webinar and learnt so much about photography and how to correct lighting issues that I didn't know before. Not only the training run amazing, but she also inspired me to start creating thing right away.
Megan Scott

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