Creative photoshop ideas. "Painterly Template”, a multi-layered Photoshop background

Painterly Template, a multi-layered photoshop background to add to your collection of digital backgrounds. To create unbelievably beautiful magical, painterly Fine Art Portraits.

It's so easy to use! It has everything you need for creation of your stunning Painterly Portraits! Effects and embellishments such as: parts of the painterly dress, skin, variety of painterly hair, flower, texture - all in the stunning colour palette.

WOW your clients without spending hours and hours learning Photoshop!

Digital backgrounds can add a different flavour to your images quickly and once you get the hang of incorporating them into your workflow you will never look back.

Watch our Free Photoshop Background Tutorial on Facebook on how to easily use this stunning photoshop template and create a stunning Fine Art Portrait. Learn photo editing tips and photoshop tricks that you thought were beyond your reach, in just one hour! You will be amazed how simple it is.

Watch another Free Photoshop Background Tutorial below how to use another template - The Ultimate Magic Arch Multi-layered Photoshop Template to create a variety of Magic composite images.

With out background you will also get two images with the same girl that was used in the video so you can practice and compare results.

One image with the girl, as it was shot in the studio; and the same image with the background already removed. PSD files.

image for practise personal use only image selected out of background for personal use only

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