Boudoir Photography – what is it?

Boudoir Photography – what is it?

The Art of Boudoir Photography – a visual storytelling of one’s soul.

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Vulnerable, sensual, often fragile, exposed in its innocence.

Using photographic and personal skills to emphasize the best and hide other features.

Using light and shadow, angles and different points of view. Even using psychology to bring out the best in people.

Both – Colour or black and white boudoir photography should be considered to convey different messages of Boudoir – Classy, Timeless and Storytelling or Sensual, Sexy and Provocative.

Fine art boudoir photography and Nude boudoir photography; outdoor boudoir photography; erotic boudoir photography; pin up boudoir photography; glamour boudoir photography; vintage boudoir photography; boudoir photography for couples – all those types of Boudoir Photography should be considered for your clients needs and your set of skills and preferences.

Boudoir Photography must be approached with Love, Patience and Passion.

Common misconception is: It is just Sexy Boudoir Photography.
It is so much more than that. It should be based on our burning desire to prove to each and every woman that she has that special Light and Confidence that touches everyone around her in that special, magical way.

To make a Difference in people lives. A real difference. Inside and Out.

I want you to feel happy and enormously satisfied with your place in life as a boudoir photographer. To be happy with the Meaning of your life that allows you to help so many in a most rewarding, powerful way.

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