Lighting Tips for Boudoir and Glamour Photography

black and white boudoir photographyUsing light to highlight what you want and cast more shadows on the parts that need to look slimmer.








Flat lighting, direct lighting is not flattering for bodies, and in general for faces, that we want to appear slimmer. But sometimes there are exceptions and it can be beneficial for some faces as it can eliminate folds and bags under the eyes.

It is always a Give-or-Take situation when we want the face to look slimmer, but also younger and without folds and bumps at the same time.
So if you are photographing a body shape – use more of contrasting lighting.

short lighting for glamour shotsUse Short Lighting as a general rule for slimming.

Sculpture their face/body with a side light.







old hollywood lighting for glamour photographyUse dramatic lighting.

Old vintage or old Hollywood feel of the images will help to make your client look slimmer as opposed to the flat lighting that is popular right now.

Black and white are great choice for making your clients look slimmer as you can play with more contrasty images; you can play with more shadows.

boudoir photo shoot posing old hollywood boudoir photo shoot posing









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