Tips for Boudoir Photography posing

Tips for Boudoir Photography Poses

boudoir photography lying down pose

… Use your voice and the tone of it – to get your client in the right mood. Bring the volume down if you want to create sexy, private moments. Bring the volume up, sound excited and upbeat if you want them to get excited, to get energetic, to dance, to play, to laugh.

… For subject who blinks easily and to get them to have that magnificent glare – ask them to close their eyes and slowly open on 3. Then you count slowly for them, using soft, quiet voice to get them in the mood.

… This tip is often used in Boudoir Photography. Ask them to part their lips – not too wide though so they look silly or vulgar and then ask them to take a deep breath in. A quick, sharp intake of breath. Almost a gasp. Demonstrate. That will pull their facial muscles in, make them look better and lift their chest. You can also ask them to breath deeply – in and out and then shoot in between as it can be a good expression when they breath in, but also when they breath out.

… Whatever comes closer to the camera looks bigger – that is why it is a good idea to place your subject at 45 degrees to the camera and put their weight on the back foot, pushing back hip out and away from camera – makes them look slimmer and make their hips, waist and chests look smaller, but head and especially eyes look bigger.

… Keeping elbows in helps creating flattering body shape.

… Wrists are there to make a good image into a great image. Wrists up or down with fingers – long, relaxed, slightly parted where middle finder is pointing slightly down and the index finger – slightly up (like a ballerina hand) will create elegant lines.

… No matter how hard you try to make an image beautiful – if they don’t pull and stretch their neck out of the shoulders and settle comfortably in their neck – the image won’t look right. Tell them to pull the neck, stretch it, after that – you can ask them to have their chin up or down, depending on the image mood you want to create – it won’t matter as they won’t have a double-chin situation.

…In most of the cases, do not, place both feet flat on the ground. At least one foot standing on a toe.

… “Mirror me”.  Just tell them to mirror you as people who stand opposite you often get sides confused or just having difficulties understanding what to do with their bodies so sometimes it is easier to show them.

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