What is Boudoir?

Kira talks about What is Boudoir Photography?

Lets start with What it Boudoir?

There is so much Light, so much Love and Beauty in each one of us!

boudoir photo from boudoir photography session

OK what does history say?

Boudoir comes from the 18th Century. It is a French word and the meanings were: a private sitting room, a woman’s bedroom or a private room adjacent to her bedchamber, used for bathing or dressing. Room of a “Lady” or upper-class woman. Later, it was also used as a private drawing room and also room where you would spend time with your lover. Rooms like that would be ordinarily found only in Grand Houses.

Lately some of the particular style of furniture can be described as boudoir. Furniture that would be ornate or busy and often would be of a bedroom pieces.

Boudoir can be also referring to a type of photography. So the concept of Boudoir Photography is not new and was very popular in 1920-1940’s.

Typically they were images of semi-naked or lingerie wearing women, sexually suggestive, taken either in the photographer’s studio or in hotel.

The goal of contemporary boudoir photography is to take a variety of posed and candid images of women mostly, but often couples and sometimes men, not fully clothed or in lingerie. We should remember to separate boudoir photography from art nudes, from glamour or from erotic photography. Nudes in boudoir are more implied than explicit.

It became a very popular type of photography in the wedding market as brides-to-be are having bridal boudoir done as a gift to their future husband.

Nowadays your client can wear a lot of things that will still suit the “boudoir” look and feel. From just fabric to play with, to shorts or jeans with a simple singlet. Robes, lingerie, boy shorts, corsets, heels, just jewellery, men business shirt or just his watch – anything goes. A lot depends on your personal shooting style and what your client is comfortable wearing.

What is Boudoir for me?

Celebration of everything about You – your hopes, dreams, fantasies, your insecurities and vanity, your sadness, tears and disappointment. Your vulnerability.

It’s an Intimate Message from your Beautiful Soul in a sensual, storytelling way.

I want every woman to discover how glamorous and sensual she is; to be a seductress or a girl next door; a Queen or a dancer; cheeky or stay still in anticipation.

This is the definition of boudoir photography for me.


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