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Shooting Magic with Kira. Best value photography classes

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Creative Photography Classes encompass an array of lessons that combine concept and styling of a photo shoot, the set up, lighting, posing techniques, camera setting and shooting, and finishing off with processing and editing images in Photoshop.

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Keep up to date with the latest news from us. Updates on all our products, tutorials, news, and more are posted on the blog. And don't forget to meet the people behind Creative Photography Classes Kira and Cheryl.

Free Guide to Learn About Boudoir Photography & Special Offer

As a photography enthusiast, you probably already know about the sweeping trend of boudoir photography and portraits. This empowering style is giving women the opportunity to intimately showcase who they are – and celebrate their accomplishments in a uniquely stylised way. If you’re looking to improve your knowledge and understanding of Boudoir, check out our Free …
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There’s no secret that Kira is an awe-inspiring camera-artist. I am not familiar with Photoshop or its actions, a beginner you could say and I purchased Kira’s Photoshop actions. Feeling very nervous indeed, I must say that with little Photoshop experience, as I use Lightroom mostly I was really surprised and happy with the results. I found them easy to use and was extremely happy with how my images looked when finished. Kira has a true talent and desire to bring to us the best and original Photoshop actions so we can quickly and easily create beautiful, vibrant and lavish photographs. She has inspired me to learn more and will help you every step of the way if needing advice. You will not be sorry in purchasing her sets of actions.
– Vanessa Eyles-Photographer Eye Spy a Studio Ph-0409843234

My images before purchasing Kira and Cheryl's Photoshop actions, to me, always seemed to be missing something. They looked like everyone else's and I wanted to stand out. Once I started using these actions it took my images from standard to amazing! They were all it took to make my images pop and look how I have wanted for so many years. So thank you Kira and Cheryl for producing these actions so that we too can produce amazing work with ease!
– Robyn Ebert Photographer at Clisbert Creations

Hi, The video’s [A Fairy Tale Video Tutorial] content is wonderful!
– Anne Taylor - Anne Taylor Photography

I will be signing up for a year also. Fantastic tutorials.
– Roland Reed - Platinum Exposure Photography

I just signed up for a year with Kira & Cheryl! I just love their art and I can't wait to put the tutorials into action!!
– Helen McConnell - Helen McConnell Photography

Love your stuff. Bought everything.
– Mike Force - Mike Force Photography

Queens of Fine Art Photography Kira Likhterova & Cheryl Eagers
– Nirmalya Sengupta

I really like Kira 's products. They are super fun to use!
– Monika Rohfeld

I love your actions. I have others but I absolutely prefer yours.
– Monika Rohfeld

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