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Creative Photography Classes. Fairytale Video Tutorial.

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Photoshop Tutorials Fairytale Video


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Watch Trailer below to find out what you will learn in this video tutorial



We all grew up with the classical fairytale stories of true love and romance that inspired and enthralled us.

Using our video tutorial “A Fairytale” we tap into this feeling of all-encompassing escapism to teach you how to create a fantasy portrait right through to the end result with detailed Photoshop tutorials.

With the expert direction provided by Kira and Cheryl, you can learn how to use natural window light to build the foundation for this shoot. Then, using our proven tips and techniques about posing and styling, you can transform your model into a fantasy princess.

Finally, we show you how to incorporate props and other signature pieces into the photograph, to really lend it a professional and distinctive look.

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