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Free Camera Settings Help Card

Are you often confused over your camera settings?  Do you have more or less light? Do you want the background sharp or blurred? How much motion blur are you looking for? Do you want more or less grain?

This pocket sized card will help you keep all the different settings straight in your mind until they’re ingrained in your fingers, and they’ll always be available for easy reference. With clear text on high contrast background, this card will be part of your go-to camera kit for years to come.  You will soon know what camera aperture will need what ISO etc, especially if you are shooting in aperture photography.

Creative Photography Classes also offers a number of infographics and PDF guides that you can download free of charge. We know that the difference between a good photographer and great photographer mostly has to do with understanding a camera’s capabilities and making sure to use it to its fullest capacity.

We’ve spent years making mistakes with our photographs so that you don’t have to with yours. Let us teach you all about how to take great photographs with the camera you already have.

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