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So many photography poses, but which ones actually work for plus size women? As an artist of portraiture, your objective is to capture your subjects in the most flattering light possible. There are very specific strategies for spatial positioning, framing, lighting and posture that you must understand in order to succeed. This is especially true when you are working with a curvy subject whether be plus size boudoir photography poses you struggle with or just generally on how to pose curvy women. When you understand how to properly direct, light and guide a photo shoot; you have the ability to highlight their natural beauty in slimming, flattering and sensual ways. Your clients will be delighted by the results and will be compelled to tell their friends.

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What will you find in this amazing photography posing guide?

Page 1.  Explains how using the arms to create angles away from the body achieves dynamic curves and a trimming effect.

Page 2. Explains why models standing flat-footed in flat light make for unflattering images. You will learn how subtle positioning of the diaphragm, mouth, and neck along with nuances in body tilt will create flattering photos.

Page 3. Describes how to adjust shoulder, neck and chin positions to achieve a slimming effect. It also shows how lighting and cropping can enhance the end result.

Page 4. Shows how lens choice, body rotation, inhaling and head tilt are the difference between an expressionless image and a compelling portrait.

Page 5. Illustrates how a subject at a 45-degree angle is camera friendly and how hair placement and cropping the subject off centre enhances the photo.

Page 6. Is a nine frame tutorial about optimal body poses and post-production filters. It goes into detail as to why hip, foot, knee, arms, shoulders and chin all play important roles in creating the final, perfected image and how easy Photoshop choices can smooth out fine lines to better highlight beauty features.

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