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Photography Tutorial and Posing Guide It's All About Hands

It's all in the Hands Posing Guide

Over 70 posing ideas for you to WOW your clients.


The hands have an incredible way of conveying emotion and framing the subject of a shot to create an unforgettable image. But for many aspiring photographers, the issue of what to do with the hands of their models is one of the toughest hurdles they face.

With our posing guide: It’s All InThe Hands, you can learn exactly how to position the hands of your subject to create a composition that is graceful, elegant and beautiful.

And there is much more than one way to achieve this goal. We take our tried and tested 7 Point Technique System to create an easy to follow guide. The posing guide contains more than 70 unique poses to demonstrate what we mean in our detailed explanations.

This guide can become an indispensable tool for your own personal studio and on-location kit, so purchase this invaluable online photography course and begin learning today!