photoshop action after black white dreamy
After Black and White Dreamy Photoshop action

Photoshop Actions Black & White Treatments


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Quick and Easy, amazingly simple Black and White Photoshop Actions that will WOW your clients every time.


Black and White – Classic

Just because it’s a classically beautiful and has a timeless look. Works great on contrasty images, especially taken in window light.

Black and White – Look 10 Years Younger

A very flattering effect that makes your subject look younger and also has more dramatic effect than the Classic Black and White Action.

Black and White – Dreamy

Softer black and white treatment for that image where you desire a more dreamy effect. Amazing for images with subjects that are backlit, think hair, foliage etc.

Black and White – Drama

The name says it all, black and white with more drama in the image.

Hand Painted Photograph to Black and White

A beautiful and classic hand-painted photograph. For those times when you want a de-saturated colour effect.

Black and White – Antique

Bring the era of your grandparents back! A beautiful touch of warm in your black and white effect to add a touch of yesteryear.

Black and White – Vogue

A fashionable black and white with cool tones of blue just right for the fashion spread in Vogue

Black and White – Add Vintage Warmth

Play this action after you have already applied one of the other black and white actions from this pack to see what effect is achieved. This action especially works when played after the Black and White – Vogue and Hand Painted Black & White actions to give your image that goldish, old age effect that will add the warmth.