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Photoshop Actions Specialized Treatments Creative Photography Classes

Specialised Treatments Photoshop Actions

Magic, Magic, Magic! Amazing, painting quality transformations at your fingertips!


Watch Photoshop Tutorial on how to use our Specialized Treatments Photoshop Actions

 Radiance and Vitality Actions

Magic transformation in a brush! Can act like studio light.

It is like shining perfect light on face and body, sculpturing it, toning it, enhancing it and adding drama at the same time. Brush on with a soft white brush to desired areas.

Deep Details Extraction Actions

Extract and emphasize all those hidden details in your image; add more drama; make your image look more contrasty, almost 3D

Secret Ingredient/Magic Glow

It’s pure Magic!

You now have the power of Magic, Glamour and fairy-tale.

Using a soft white brush, paint over the image where you want the Magic Glow to effect the image

Hand Painted Photograph

A beautiful and classic hand-painted photograph.

For those times when you want a de-saturated colour effect.

Why purchase this action set? - To create WOW Images!

There is a difference between a good amateur photograph and a shot that stops those who see it in their tracks to take a second and third look.

With our Photoshop Actions Pack – Specialised Treatments, you can add this intangible “wow factor” to your photographs too. Learn about the favourite actions of our experienced professionals and experts with this online photography class.

Watch Kira transform this image and others in our cool Photoshop tutorials.

See the amazing effects in action on a range of photographs to see how they can be transformed with simple actions in post-production. You will be stunned with the results, and will be rushing to try them out for yourself after taking in the lessons of our exclusive online photography course!  Very cool indeed!