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Photoshop Tutorials Step by Step Beginners Guide

Photoshop for Photographers. Beginners Step by Step Guide PDF.


There is nothing better than getting up early to capture that early morning sunrise! It is like we get more out of our lives by taking pictures.

But, photography is more than pushing a button on the camera; it also includes how we process that image in the darkroom. In today’s world that darkroom is known as Photoshop.

In this book you will learn how to make your images more interesting and compelling, and how to be more creative with your pictures.

Let’s start off with this approach to Photoshop for Photographers. What is a digital image? By understanding what a digital image is you will begin to understand how you can resize and start to work with your digital files.

You will learn how to use Camera Raw and how you can change your image non-destructively when making these adjustments.

One of the things you will hear about Photoshop is that you need to “select before you can correct”. You will explore the ways of making selections and then turning them into masks, so you can limit your adjustments to a particular area of an image, whether it is changing the color, brightening or darkening, or just adding some sharpening to a particular area.

You will explore the adjustments that will make your pictures “pop” or stand out in creative ways. Finally you will learn how to print your images for the world to see.

You already have a passion for photography and with what you are about to learn you will begin to have that same kind of passion for the post-processing of your images, or working in the digital darkroom!

You will approach Photoshop from a photographer’s standpoint; so what does that mean?

You will gain the technical skills in order to become more creative. In other words technique is at the service of creativity. As photographers we all want to create more compelling and interesting photographs, but don’t want people to think “wow that image was Photoshopped”. Rather, learn how to use Photoshop so well that you can cover your tracks when creating those compelling images.

Watch our Photoshop tutorials for beginners today!

So let’s get started and let the adventures begin! Don’t delay, download our Step by Step Guide for Beginners using Photoshop by clicking here