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Magic light Overlays Pack II


Ever wondered how to do cool things in Photoshop? How to edit photos in photoshop; to create an amazing photoshop effect, but without spending years on perfecting your skills? Here is your answer.
You will be amazed how quickly you can completely transform your images.
From ordinary to extraordinary with a few simple clicks with our Second pack of 20 Photoshop Magic Overlays.

Watch both Free Photoshop Tutorials below to learn how to use these Photoshop Overlays Pack I and Pack II. Start WOW your friends and family now! 

It’s magic! Our Photoshop overlays will add a uniqueness and sparkles to your images!

With a few simple clicks - add sparkle, stardust, splash of magic light or spider-net!  Our pack 2 of 20 Magic Light Photoshop Overlays will become a favourite of yours for years to come. Hundreds of variations - you can play with these overlays forever! Achieve extraordinary results in a few easy steps!

These are the overlays you are getting in this pack.

20 images collage magic light overlays 2

Collage with 20 images of Magic Light Overlays pack 2

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