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Photoshop Actions. Photo Rejuvenation Basic Retouch Workflow


Watch Free Tutorial on how to use these Photoshop actions


Managing your workflow as a photographer is a key plank in your success. With practice and repetition, you can achieve consistently great results with the help of photoshop actions.

But the process takes time, and there is some degree of trial and error involved when you do it yourself. With our Basic Retouch Workflow Action Pack, you can harness the power of Photoshop in an efficient, professional way.

Our experts show you how to focus on the Photoshop actions that will give the effect of a day spa, from skin treatments and lifts to delicate eye boosts and rejuvenation.

This online photography course is a must-own action pack for photography techniques that can be used to create the impression your model has spent a week at a health retreat, simply by using skilful post-production methods.

As an added bonus to this Creative Photography course, we have added a speed transformation element, for those times when you need the best quality results delivered quickly to your clients.

Let’s begin our day out at the Spa!

Lets check what is included in this wonderful pack

Gentle Shaping

Skin Imperfections Eraser

Pimples to Go

Wrinkles to Go

Under Eye Circle Fighter

Satin Skin Light

Satin Skin Strong

Shine Remover (for tanned skin)

Shine Remover (for fair skin)

Red Skin Relief Light

Red Skin Relief Strong

Tan Remover

Lift and Even Out Skin

Just like plastic surgery, but without the pain!

Doll Like Skin

Brush On Tan Light

Brush on Tan Strong

Foundation (Fair Skin) Light

Foundation (Fair Skin) Medium

Foundation (Fair Skin) Dark

Foundation (Olive Skin) Light

Foundation (Olive Skin) Medium

Foundation (Olive Skin) Dark

Eye Whites

Eye Liner


Eyebrow Liner

Add Drama to Your Eyes

Boost and Brighten Eye Drops

Teeth Whitener

Blondes Have More Fun

Brunettes Get Even

Brush Blush

Smooth Lips

Lip Gloss

Red Kiss

Light and Shadow

Warm Up

Cool Down

Vintage Warmth

Speed Transformation