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Sunny 16 Rule Help Card

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Sunny 16 Rule and your Iso Camera Setting Solutions

As you become a more experienced photographer who is more adept at using the various manual modes on your camera, you become fluent with terms like f5.6 and 1/500, and know when to use them. As you’re beginning, however, it can be difficult to remember whether you reach for f22 when your subject is lit from the back or side, or the f16 when it’s sunny, what camera setting to choice can be very confusing and frustrating.

Professional photographers normally keep to the Sunny 16 rule, but when you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to remember exactly what that means.

At Creative Photography Classes, we created this card, displaying the Sunny 16 rule, to help you remember what settings you’re likely to need in all sorts of weather. From snow or sand to a heavily overcast day, you’ll be prepared with the camera settings for portraits, landscapes and all other type of photography that are most likely to give you the photograph you need.

While you’re here, also check out the other free, downloadable PDF guides and Infographics that cover lots of information from your iso camera setting to what mode you should put your slr on.

Creative Photography Classes are here to help you move from being a good photographer to a great one.

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