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Venetian Gold Digital Background

Venetian Gold Digital Background.


Digital Background Pictures for Photography

Take your subjects to a place beyond your imagination with our exclusive digital background pictures.

They are beautiful and top quality and most of all we teach you how to ensure you images look realistic. No need to use a green screen, just photograph your subject on a black or dark background and we show you how to easily transport them to another place in Photoshop. No clipping or cutting the subject out! It’s just too easy.

Watch our Free Photoshop Tutorial below to learn how to use this Venetian Gold Digital Background

We will be adding more and more digital backgrounds for photography in the near future. So keep your eye on this page.

Designed by our Master Photographer Kira, you won’t be able to pass up the opportunity to try out our range of pretty background pictures. Don’t delay, be the first in your area to offer this exclusive look to your clients!
For an economical investment in dollars and time – this is a great opportunity to add value to your sales by simply adding some background pictures into your images – surprise and Wow! your clients.