Boudoir Photography Ideas and Posing Guide

Volumes I and II

Never run out of ideas for your boudoir photography photo shoot again!


Get your own copy of our 253-slide Boudoir Photography Ideas and Posing Guide Volume I and II; it comes complete with JPEG’s that you can upload to your mobile devices for your reference whilst you are on the job.


boudoir-posing-guide-volume-2-imageIncluding boudoir photography ideas for using props, clothing styles, locations, gestures and lots more you will soon want to get your camera out of the bag and start shooting.

Kira is a master at moving her subjects into alluring boudoir photography poses and having their expressions give the camera that magnetic look - now you can copy her ideas and try them out on your clients.

When you struggle for ideas in your photo session, you can feel a bit lost, go into panic mode and then your mind will go blank! It happens to the best of us. You never ever need to feel lost again,just pick up your mobile device and after a few quick flicks of the boudoir photography poses jpegs supplied you will soon be back in action and feeling confident.

See the preview and read a detailed description of what you will be getting here. 

Get your hands on “Boudoir  Photography Posing Guide” - Volumes one and two and all 253 jpegs - for the one low price of $69.97 and just wait for your client’s to be amazed at your skills. Don’t delay.

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