Boudoir Ideas and Posing Guide

Boudoir Photography Ideas and Posing Guide

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And at last it is here… Boudoir poses made easy.

An amazing, comprehensive “Boudoir Photography Ideas and Posing Guide” that gives you an arsenal of knowledge & poses, which leaves the guess work out.

235 Ways to Impress your clients. 235 Creative Ideas for Your Boudoir Photography.

You will learn How to… photograph and pose like a pro. Watch a preview of what you will be getting in this guide.



In our two Volume Sensational New Boudoir Posing Guide You will:

learn about how to use things you can easily find at home and in your yard – like hats, gloves, fake pearls, man’s shirt, grass, hose, windows, simple white sheet or silk sheet, etc, etc…

learn about creating foreground by placing some objects in front of your subjects; using red colours; playing with hair, using particular style of furniture…

learn about eye-contact; flattering posing for boudoir; my favourite pose – “Waiting for vampire”; all sorts of different posing – on a bed, next to a wall, next to a window, on the back, on the stomach, lying on the side, sitting, standing, leaning and so on…

learn about legs; shoes; lingerie; light or dark backgrounds; mysterious images; anonymous images…

learn about boudoir photography poses that are sensual and playful, provocative or innocent…

And much, much more.

Get your copy now here 

WOW your clients in your next Boudoir Photography Session.

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