Easy photography poses with free photography poses for curves. Cheat-sheets

Easy Photography Poses Cheat-Sheets with our free Photography Posing Guide for Curves

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Do you struggle with photography poses?

When we see glamorous photography, all too often, we as viewers make the mistake of thinking that the beautiful people pictured are just more gorgeous than the rest of us mere mortals.

In fact, the beautiful models we see in fashion magazines and glamorous actresses who grace red carpets have a team of make up artists, stylists, and tricks for body placement that emphasize the positive aspects of their body shapes, and minimize any perceived flaws. The result, when the photographs run through tools like Photoshop, are the kinds of glamorous photography that our modern society craves.

When a client comes to a portrait photographer for a photo session, they want to see that they too, can look like these gorgeous models and actresses.

The ability to clean and brighten a picture in Photoshop is, of course crucial, but to have a really amazing final result you still need to start with a great photo that compliments the subject.

And that, dear readers, is where knowing how to pose a curvy body comes into play.
All too often, people who perceive their bodies as larger or overly curvy tend to draw into themselves, both physically and emotionally, to try and take up as little room as possible.

It therefore becomes the photographer’s job to draw the subject out, letting them get comfortable in their body and show off their figure so they appear comfortable and relaxed.

This is true in everything from plus size boudoir photography poses to simple head shots.

A few simple tricks can help you avoid unsightly creases, sleepy or agitated expressions, and the kind of body positioning that makes people look heavy instead of curvy and welcoming.

Kira and Cheryl have spent many years as photographers learning all of the most important tricks for creating photos and pictures that your clients will love, and that you will be proud of.

Simple details such as moving the arms away from the body to create dynamic visual shapes, turning one shoulder towards the camera and turning the other away, and resting weight more fully on one foot than the other, can completely change the camera’s perception of the subject, allowing you to create a photograph that focuses more on the essence of the subject, and less on their perception of their size.

Free Photography Posing Guide with Cheat-Sheets to Download

To make these tips easy and accessible for you, we’ve created a free photography posing guide PDF with cheat-sheets you can keep with you when you go to shoots and appointments, or use for your own study.

Using one of our own clients, this guide shows you both good and bad poses for showing off curvy bodies, but also shows you why the pose is better or worse than the one that came before.

With this, you will have the tools both to help your clients understand how to position their bodies to best show off their assets, and also guidance towards which Photoshop tools we used to create the final images.

When we want a fairly simple, unvarnished portrayal of our day to day lives, we take a selfie.

When we want a picture taken where the experience is as important as the product, we go to a photographer.

Meet your client’s needs by being prepared to help them experience a hint of that excitement and joy that comes from seeing your body positioned in such a way that it seems appealing, enticing, and exciting.

From boudoir photography to more traditional wedding announcements, engagement photos, and family pictures, these tricks can help people appear their best, their most natural, and their most beautiful.

Whether you’re starting your own business or taking photos for a friend, you can’t be without these tips!

Go to our webpage now and enter your email address to download our guide with cheat-sheets to posing curves PDF!

And another bonus – get all the individual cheat-sheets downloaded on your smart device to take with you on the road! Enjoy! Love to all. Kira and Cheryl.

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Free Photography Posing Guide with Cheat-Sheets to Download

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