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Digital Photography

Amazing Photoshop template “Magic Arch”

Amazing photoshop template “Magic Arch” Introducing Magic Arch – another amazing photoshop template in our ‘Imagine’ collection of easy to use digital backgrounds for photography. Get your “Magic Arch” copy here. Unique and creative photos made easy. Compete with best photographs in the world. We have produced for you an Ultimate, easy to use photoshop template to …
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Introducing Misty photoshop template

Introducing Misty – another template in our ‘Imagine’ collection of easy to use digital backgrounds for photography. We have produced for you another stunning photoshop template to add to your collection of digital backgrounds for photography, so easy to use! Take your photography to the next level with this amazing and unique photoshop template! Digital …
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Child Photography

Magical Child Photography Huge part of portrait photography is child photography. And the way I am interested in capturing it – a Magical way. Here is one of  the images that you were asking me about. As soon as I posted this image on Facebook and in a few groups – I had a lot …
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Black and white photoshop actions

shades of grey. black and white photoshop actions. Black and White Photography and how to use actions in Photoshop. It is timeless, it can be nostalgic, it is story-telling. Vintage black and white, Old Hollywood Glamour, classical simple images – those are the types of images I was always drawn to, wanted to recreate the …
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Meet Kira

Hey all and welcome, My name is Kira. My accent is thick. I used to be a fabulous cook (at least that is what my friends and various husbands were saying) until I became a photographer. I used to play piano until I became a photographer. I used to draw and paint until… well you …
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