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As a photography enthusiast, you probably already know about the sweeping trend of boudoir photography and portraits. This empowering style is giving women the opportunity to intimately showcase who they are – and celebrate their accomplishments in a uniquely stylised way.

If you’re looking to improve your knowledge and understanding of Boudoir, check out our Free Guide to the History of Boudoir Photography from Creative Photography Classes.

Our guide outlines all the major historical milestones this wonderful style has enjoyed over the last 100+ years. And all this history can inspire you to learn even more about how to improve your own work.

If you need a little more practical help with your work, you can also check out our wonderful II Volumes Boudoir Photography Ideas and Posing Guide.

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from photography posing guides to Photoshop techniques

Our guide outlines all the major historical milestones of Boudoir Photography

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Creative Photography Classes: Even More for You

As you can see, here at Creative Photography Classes we’re all about giving you the learning resources you need to make your photography even better. We believe in the philosophy of “photographers teaching photographers.” That means you’ll get practical, useful advice for your intimate Boudoir shots and beyond.

Visit our Boudoir Posing Guide page today to see all the wonderful options available for your own photography. Even better, join our Annual Membership for immediate access to all our resources and LIVE webinars from the professionals.

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do you know where the term boudoir photography originates from?

Practical, useful advice for your intimate Boudoir shots and beyond.

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