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Photoshop Actions

Child Photography

Magical Child Photography Huge part of portrait photography is child photography. And the way I am interested in capturing it – a Magical way. Here is one of  the images that you were asking me about. As soon as I posted this image on Facebook and in a few groups – I had a lot …
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Black and white photoshop actions

shades of grey. black and white photoshop actions. Black and White Photography and how to use actions in Photoshop. It is timeless, it can be nostalgic, it is story-telling. Vintage black and white, Old Hollywood Glamour, classical simple images – those are the types of images I was always drawn to, wanted to recreate the …
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FairyTale Video Tutorial

FairyTale Video and Photoshop Tutorial   One of our most popular video tutorials that takes you from concept, idea and styling through posing, directing and lighting to the final touches in Photoshop for your creative photography. Giving you a formula, a step by step guide to a magical, artistic, fairy-tale image that will guarantee to …
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Happy customers for our Photoshop Actions

First Happy customers for our Photoshop Actions We are so happy to present you with our first two customers who already bought our Photoshop Actions – Photo Rejuvenation Basic Retouch Workflow Photoshop Actions, Specialised Treatments Photoshop Actions and Black & White Treatments Photoshop Actions After a few days of working with these actions – they have sent us their …
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