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Hey all and welcome, My name is Kira.

kira likhterova creative photography classes

Kira Likhterova creative photography classes

My accent is thick. I used to be a fabulous cook (at least that is what my friends and various husbands were saying) until I became a photographer. I used to play piano until I became a photographer. I used to draw and paint until… well you get the drift by now. Apparently, despite a common theory that women can multitask, – I can’t. Ask my husband – David, an exceptionally nice man, who deals with me on daily basis. I can only focus on one thing at a time.

I misplace words: Kitchen for Chicken; Cleavage for Cartilage; Shepherd’s pie for German Shepherd and Capsicum for Circumcision. Imagine the pure delight of our guests at the dinner table, when I ask my husband to slice a few “Circumcisions” for a salad or serve a “German Shepherd” while it is warm.

I was born in Moscow, was a music teacher in child-care, loved to draw all my life and was hoping that one day I will learn to paint. Came to Australia in 1994 with my second husband at that time [yeah, yeah – I never learn. What do you expect? I am addicted to pain ;>)] and my older son. No English at that time – I was trying to work everywhere I could – I was a cleaner, a housekeeper; I baked cakes and delivered brochures, had my first full-time job in child-care, then worked in a Nursing Home; decided to learn computer and ended up in IT. Had to leave IT as my youngest boy needed care.

Remembering that I always wanted to paint I enrolled myself in a Community College to learn oil-painting and at the same time decided to find out what cameras are all about. Took a camera in my hands – and the rest is history. I started Art Photography by Kira in 2002.

I was lucky to have judges love my prints and score them high so I have won a few Awards.
In 2010 I became a Master of Photography and Runner-up for Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year. I lost to fabulous Rocco Ancora. losing to Rocco is a win in itself, I think!
Twice in a row NSW Student Photographer of the Year; both International Bridal and Wedding Traditional Photographer 2008; International Glamour and Beauty Photographer 2010. NSW Wedding Photographer 2009; NSW Creative Photographer 2011. I still can’t believe it is all happening to me.

It all started to make sense after I was invited to be a guest speaker for the first time in my life. I was sooo scared. But I have conquered my fear and went. And it was a revelation for me.

Me, being so …imperfect, so all over the place; a bit of a cuckoo; me, being very energetic, but ignorant, a control freak, but with loving tendencies, intuitive, but sometimes illogical and stubborn to the point of no return – that what makes it me, that what makes my photography sing. All my imperfections, my faults and doubts – it is all important and it is all OK. That is what makes my photography different from anybody else’s.

People say – my photographs tell the story, they make you feel, they have passion and intensity, portray an understanding of the way people feel and connect.

Well – I believe in… failures, I believe in losses and disappointments. I strongly believe that every struggle, every loss I had in my life was making me a better photographer, a better observer of people, more compassionate and intuitive. I believe I see things a lot of people miss – maybe just because they are too happy – which often equates to ignorance; too preoccupied with their own life, thoughts, fears, agendas or even selfishness sometimes. I am very much in tune with the way my clients feel on the day, I try to read underlying words, see self-esteem issues. I feel their disappointment, a refusal to believe. I sympathize with their vanity.

I believe that a happy and balanced life; with no losses, with no risks and adventures, where everything is smooth and unshaken, when unpredictability and fear never strikes – won’t help you develop a compassion, develop spirit, develop your heart for that matter.

How do you know, really know, if you are a kind, generous or a strong person if you haven’t been at the bottom and still, still found the strength to give to somebody in need, If you haven’t lost everything first, second and maybe a third time and still started all over again.

That is why I encourage you to try and fail if needs to be. That is the only way to rise again, to understand, to feel and celebrate a victory… And to appreciate…

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