Photography Posing Techniques for Boudoir or Glamour

Photography Posing Techniques for Boudoir or Glamour

lying down poses photography posing technique

Lying down poses. Photography posing technique

Taking a photograph is easier than ever before now that so many of us carry around cameras within our phones. This has also meant that many more people are familiar, even on an intuitive level, with how to frame a good shot and create pleasant photography.

But the difference between a pleasant photograph and a truly memorable shot in Glamour or Boudoir Photography is huge. And when it comes to taking pictures of subjects indoors, especially when your model is the focal point of your picture, it is much more difficult to just point and shoot.

So what are the techniques and tips you can use to help your model strike poses that will really make your photographs memorable and unique?

Let’s talk about just a few 🙂

White Space

photography posing technique

White Space Photography Posing Technique

One of the key techniques in creating flattering poses is creating white space around your model. If your model appears in your photograph as a “block” they will appear wider. A model who is standing or lying straight, with their legs together and arms by their sides forms an unbroken block.

To create white space, you can have your model angle their limbs to create space. Placing their hands on their hips is a simple way to achieve this. Another way to do this is to cross one leg over the other if your model is sitting or reclining, as this will narrow the lower half of their body.




Foregrounding Creates Emphasis

photography posing for boudoir photography

Bringing Forward Flattering Features Photography Posing Technique

This is a basic premise that many photographers forget when they get into the excitement of a shoot. Whichever features of the setting are closer to the camera will appear magnified and larger, relative to the rest of the shot.

So if your model has wonderful expressive eyes or fantastic legs, it makes sense to make sure these elements are foregrounded.








posture in photography posing

Posture. Photography posing technique

Whether standing, sitting or lying, posture can make or break a photograph. Having a model pose with their head straight, or even tilted back can elongate their neck and make their photographs stunning.

The same technique can be applied to their back and legs. For example, if a model is sitting or lying back, you can tell them to point their toes toward the ground, as though they were standing on the tips of their toes. This will increase the definition of their legs and encourage them to stretch their bodies out.





The Best Side

emphasizing best side photography posing technique

Emphasizing Best Side Photography Posing Technique

It is actually a common misconception that we are all 100% symmetrical. That means that the old joke about “having a better side” is perfectly true. As a photographer, you can help your model get better results by subtly emphasizing poses that highlight their better side.

Similarly, if your model has worked hard at the gym and has a particular body part that stands out, don’t be afraid to use the side that helps show this off. Shooting from different angles can help find their best side and capture their best features.


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