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kira and cheryl creative photography classes

Kira and Cheryl Creative Photography Classes


A whole year has passed since Cheryl & I got together and decided to bring you an array of wonderful Magic products: Video Photography Classes Tutorials on Posing, Lighting and Styling through to Photoshop Tutorials;  Posing and Ideas Guides with Step by Step Instructions; unbelievable Magical Photoshop Actions, Textures and Overlays.

All designed to help you become a better photographer; from a very different aspect/angle!

See Before and After Images of our Photoshop work – you will be learning how to create images like these in a few easy steps!

Have you ever attended a photography workshop or classes in person and came home feeling all enthusiastic and ready to take on the world?

Then reality hits.

You realize you are not getting the results you imagined. You are starting to slide back into your old habits, stuck again, feeling lost; not knowing where to start, not knowing how to approach this or that particular client. You probably even feel a little frozen about going forward; you may have even lost your creativity along the way.

We have heard this story from many photographers, from beginners to professionals, we have even been there ourselves at times.

This lead us to wonder how we can help you out, what brought us through these moments when we experienced them?

At the same time I am often asked “How did I do that?” “How did I create that specific image?”

“What steps did I take to create that particular effect?”

These questions are the same of what we asked of our photography heroes and mentors, and the same questions Cheryl asked Kira many times

(and still does 🙂 ) 

And then the penny dropped…

So we have come up with a solution that will get you out of the rut and back loving your photography and being excited about each image you produce.

How about instead of teaching you how to photograph, light, pose, direct, & use Photoshop in general – we show you with our unique thorough

and detailed Video Tutorials exactly how this or that particular image, effect, pose were created?

Show you, so you too may replicate that particular image, effect, pose many, many times for the absolute delight of your clients or friends, without stressing

about where to start and what to do.

In other words – we are going to give you the “Tools” or a “Formula” to help you create an image you want any-time and almost anywhere.

Your confidence will soar just knowing that for those times when the clients who come through your door or visit you online say:

“ I want something of myself that looks like that!”. You know that you can do it easily – the same effect, lighting & pose: the same impact. You can confidently say:

“I can do that, no problems”.

We will show you the exact easy steps – from styling and lighting, through posing and directing, to all the final touches in Photoshop, including exactly what Photoshop actions, textures or overlays to we have used, so you can do the same too.

This is our Promise to you:

“In every Video Tutorial you will get a formula; the steps needed to achieve a magnificent, extraordinary image that will WOW your clients – no matter if you are a beginner or have been trying to make it in photography for some time.”

We firmly believe you will get amazing results every time. Results you thought were only possible if you are an award-winning photographer, a photographer who has been practising for decades.

With our Video and Photoshop tutorials and some practice, you can even if you have only just started in photography or Photoshop as you will find the Tools and Steps we are giving you are easy to follow and easy to replicate.

In fact – we are so sure we are offering you a Money-back guarantee – no questions asked. We only want you to give it a fair go: watch, listen, practice and implement all the steps.

If you still feel you did not get amazing value for money, we’ll give you your money back.

Look at the range of our  Video Tutorials, Guides, Photoshop Actions and Photoshop Textures here

Browse our Free Tutorials, Guides and Tips here

In the future, our plan is to add new fantastic tutorials, posing guides or other step-by-step educational materials on a regular basis that will put more mind-blowing fantasy images; ideas or skills in your arsenal. To help you reach beyond and create amazing images.

That is our Promise to you.

With Love

Kira and Cheryl


Please read our Story how we both came to do what we do now.
It took me years to get where I am now as I was learning on my own. But on the other hand – you will see how quickly Cheryl went from being my student, a “Kira stalker” to a very successful photographer in her own right.

Read about Kira. Read about Cheryl

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